The Sarcose Story

It was 10 P.M. at night. Two friends were sitting in a fast food joint, munching food that added no value to the body [much like a lot of people we meet]. They both had a discreet fetish of eavesdropping conversations. While listening to all the jibber-jabber around, these two sarcastic nerds had their own set of mean comments to exchange.

We wondered why there is a need to have so many unnecessary words in conversations? Forget that, why do we need to have so many casual conversations? Let's go one-up, why do we need to meet people who have a mammoth word-limit to fulfill each day? That gives us such a lot of word-fat to trim, right? What could possibly be the solution to this? Sarcasm could be an answer, we spitballed...

Exactly here, lightning of a light bulb struck, and that's when they discovered the idea of Sarcose. The concept of a dose of sarcasm. To come up with products that speak for you, so you don't have to! To have products that convey thoughts and feelings that you're otherwise not loud about. The inner murmurs, the exchange of "REALLY?!" expressions, the no-shows after the 5-minute excuse, and much more.

We've started small, but with your support, this story is just the beginning of sassier things to come.

Welcome to Sarcose - Your Dose Of Sarcasm.