Where To Wear Guide


The merchandise that you're going to get through Sarcose contains objectionable insults that may be upsetting for people who have negligible appetite for humour, sarcasm and offence. Don't worry. Be fearless. Because our merchandise empowers you to tell these people the truth, without having to say anything at all. 


You might think where would it be most appropriate to use this merchandise after all.


You should wear this when you have to go to :-

  1. Weddings you don't wanna go.
  2. Meet friends you don't wanna meet.
  3. Meet relatives you don't wanna meet.
  4. Greet relatives you have to meet but don't understand what's written on the t-shirt.
  5. Parties you don't wanna go for.
  6. College and attend lectures of faculties you freakin' HATE.
  7. Client Meetings where you can discreetly hide it behind your accessories and flash it when you get the opportunity!
  8. Sit next to colleagues you discreetly disgust.
  9. Sit in a group with friends to exchange mean inside references with your BFF in the troupe, with winks & smirks, of course.
  10. Places where you feel the need to say it without sayin' it, basically!