Silence is Celebration Sarcasm T-Shirt by Sarcose
Your Silence is Celebration

Your Silence is Celebration

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You don't want to hear some one else's bulls#!t when you're
going through your share in your life as well, right? 

Again, it's hard to tell someone directly that they've exceeded your
word limit of tolerance. So the make-shift solution is pretty simple.
Just wear this Sarcose t-shirt and make it abundantly clear with sarcasm. 

Because this t-shirt doesn't suck, unlike the people around you. 
It talks. It talks so you can stay quiet and others keep quiet. 


All the T-Shirts are 180 GSM 100% cotton, bio-washed and pre-shrunk.

P.S. Please refer to the size chart before buying, you know, just to idiot-proof your purchase.

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